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A promising educated generation contributing to the service of the country and the society
Promote the educational outputs throughout all schools
Empower students through improving and enhancing their capacities and skills
Develop alternative educational paths for students
Provide graduates capable of actively competing in the labor market
Provide a driving and supporting environment for research, sciences and technology
Promote the system and culture of innovation
Effective participation of UAE nationals in the labor market
Increase Emiratization in government entities and companies
Develop the competencies and qualifications of jobseekers
Create job opportunities in Al Ain City
Promoting and increasing the nationals participation in the private sector
A healthy lifestyle that includes preventative services and world class healthcare treatments
Promotion of the public health through the prevention and fighting disease
Active management of health service systems
Improvement of the health services provided by the government-owned health organizations
Social development that guarantees a decent life for all members of the society
Enhancing the family stability and settlement
Childhood development
Provide diversified opportunities for the youth participation in society
Provide a decent life for elderly to promote their capacities, and enable them
Increase and develop available services for people with special needs
Women enablement
Provide suitable housing under a sustainable system
Provide a comprehensive retirement system
Provide comprehensive care for addicts
Islamic services that are of the highest standards
Promote the mosques’ service level
Enhance the awareness on Islam
Enhance and diversify the culture of charity
An active and educated society that maintains its traditions and values
Enhancement of the cultural, intellectual and technical creativity
Rehabilitation and promotion of legacy and culture
Build the sport talents and diversify sport activities
A secure society
Maintaining of security and safety
Enhancing the cooperation and collaboration in various national security scopes and areas
Food security and a sustainable agricultural sector
Development of agriculture and fish resources
Ensuring the food safety
Transforming to the smart food and agriculture support
Sustainable water and food supply
Full prevention and readiness system to ensure safe and secured community
Ensuring a safe and secured community
Deployment of the occupational health and safety system
Enhancing the capacities of emergencies, crisis and disasters management and business continuity
Fair and accomplished judicial system
Enhancing the force and efficiency of litigation
Ensuring an effective criminal justice system
Integrated urban areas meeting needs of the community and quality of life
Integrated planning to meet the regions’ development and sustainability requirements
Ensure an effective operational and financial implementation of projects
Ensure quality and promptness of the urban development services
Effective transportation system that serves the community and the economy
Securing a sustainable aviation sector
Integration of surface transport network and services
Development and sustainability of sea transport
Development of cargo and logistics transportation sector and link it with the economic plans
Sustainable utilities and sanitation sector ensuring the optimal usage of natural resources
Ensuring the efficiency, sustainability and security of water and power supply and improving the demand management
Improving the sanitation demand management
Sustainable management and optimal usage of water resources
A sustainable environment and the optimal use of resources to preserve natural heritage
Improve the sea water quality
Improve the air quality and limit the climate change impact
Preservation of biodiversity
Integrated management of waste
A business environment that is both competitive and flexible
Facilitating the doing-business measures and practices
Enhancing and protecting the competition and consumer
Improving the custom measures and services and development of exports
Effective private sector that provides leading business opportunities
Attracting the national and foreign investment and promoting the private sector role
Promoting the entrepreneurship culture and participation of small and medium sized enterprises
An original and attractive tourism destination
Promoting and developing the touristic areas
Developing the cultural tourism
Improving the tourist experience in shopping centers
Developing business tourism
Developing events and major festivals
Promoting tourism marketing in the emirate of Abu Dhabi
Vital sectors contributing to economic diversification
Regulation of the real estate sector
Regulation and promotion of industry sector
Developing and incentivizing the media industry
Developing the financial services sector
Securing the energy supply and sustainability
Financial system supporting the Emirate’s development process
Development of financial policies
Development of financial performance
Development of accounting frameworks and maintaining the public fund
Securing the financial sustainability for vital sectors
Legislations supporting the development process
Execution of full/ integrated legislative system
Managing and enabling the legal knowledge/ education
Excellence of experience and services for users
Improve and facilitates the government services and processes
Develop and optimize the ICT (information and communication technology) enablers
Prominent media reputation
Enhance government communication and awareness on Government entity roles
Manage the Abu Dhabi media reputation and position
Integrated human resources management
Enhancement of integrated legislative system for the HR management
Development of human capital
Accurate data and statistics supporting the process of decision making
Building a statistic system for the emirate
Strengthening of federation ties
Enhancement of inter-government (on a local and federal level) communication and coordination