Abu Dhabi’s journey of development and excellence is visualized in a comprehensive brand identity, complete with a uniquely devised pattern and a collection of enhanced photographs that bring our vision to life.

The Abu Dhabi Logo

Abu Dhabi enjoys a vibrant identity that offers a seamless blend of modern and traditional elements, reflected clearly in the Abu Dhabi Brand.

The brand logo is designed to include the traditional Arabic name of Abu Dhabi.

This name was developed through a progression of calligraphic elements housed within a unique shape that reflects the traditional dhow boats.

Glittering Sand
Calligraphic Grey
Abu Dhabi Red

The brand’s colors were carefully selected from Abu Dhabi’s heritage and landscape, whilst the English font used in the brand was inspired from the shape of Arabic calligraphy.

These elements come together to form Abu Dhabi’s original brand.

Zayed the First Font

Zayed the First font was designed with the objective of creating a modern font that reflects the deep values and unique identity of Abu Dhabi.

The font was inspired by letters and documents persevered from the era of Sheikh Zayed Bin Khalifa, over 160 years ago, where writing was done professionally through “Al Karani” or “The Writer”. This inspiration was important to reflect the historic roots of Abu Dhabi, and support the Abu Dhabi brand with its cultural depth and authentic originality.


Creating a visual identity for the Abu Dhabi Plan

The Abu Dhabi Plan’s primary brand was inspired by the Abu Dhabi Brand’s iconic red sail. The usage of the classic calligraphy emphasizes Abu Dhabi’s pride in its culture and heritage, whilst the dhow, our historic fishing boat, reflects our passage through space and time as we recall the first development plan set forth in 1968. The dhow also takes us towards a remarkable future we strive to achieve through implementing the plan’s goals and programs.

Celebrating Abu Dhabi’s cultural heritage

Abu Dhabi’s brand identity includes a secondary pattern, for use across our print literature and environmental branding. This pattern was inspired by Al Sadu, the traditional form of weaving practiced by generations of Bedouin women.

Comprising a series of contemporary shapes and icons, each representing an element of the Abu Dhabi Plan, the secondary pattern is a modern variation of Al Sadu, which not only acknowledges Abu Dhabi’s proud history but looks to the Emirate’s bright future.

Color Palette

A color palette was selected for each sector of government work

Social Development
Security, Justice & Safety
Infrastructure & Environment
Economic Development
Government Affairs

Bringing the
campaign to life

Our campaign celebrates the vision and ambition of the UAE’s Founding Father, the Late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan; blending historic and modern photographs to illustrate the remarkable progress made in Abu Dhabi during the last 50 years.

Working closely with representatives from the National Archives, we searched through thousands of historic photographs of Abu Dhabi to identify images that could help to illustrate aspects of the Abu Dhabi Plan. The shortlisted images were then carefully enhanced to ensure they could be reproduced at scale.

We then took a series of modern-day photographs - each taken from the exact perspective of the National Archive images – and blended them together to create a series of powerful visuals that underline the tremendous growth and development that has been overseen by the Government of Abu Dhabi.